2014 Toyota Highlander Review

 Toyota HighlanderHi good morning in in Brian this is David burns from Haiti Toyota. This particular 2014 Highlander excel the packages in shoreline blue it’s a little bit later than the dark blue of the 13 that we looked at on Saturday but I want to give you a quick article, on it going over some of the features and just taking a look at the vehicle itself. The X only comes nicely equipped even with fog lights, LED headligts, just starting here in the front as become a move around to the side Luisa has really aggressive looking how lawyer wheels. You are going to have the mirrors which have the turn signals on the outside. The same color of the You also have mudguards come. Up top. The rack looks a little bit different we don’t have cross bars in this particular vehicle but you can add them into any time. I also think it’s worth mentioning that you still have the automatic lock feature as well as. The key here as I get out of my pocket witches keyless entry fee would start with the push button to come around the back you will notice that you still have the push button. Information about Headlights for Highlander see at link: http://u-lightled.com/toyota-highlander/headlights.html.

Glance that opens up you also have the rear. Camera which is mounted you can’t quite see it now it is mounted right here underneath. It does still have that rear windshield wiper to in the back you know this you do have the bench seating like we discussed before you don’t have the ability to take out the middle seat in this. So you’re going to have this half full down with the center as well as this half folding down on its own but that may be more comfortable for someone sitting in the middle anyhow you also still have rear temperature controls for your rear passengers on the inside of the vehicle you’re so going to receive a touch screen display in the 2014 models are gonna be upgraded to an 8 inch touch screen.

You are going to have which I know is really important to you the dual climate control in this XLT package. In addition to the dual climate control who are gonna have heated seats which I know are important to you guys for both the driver and the passenger. And cutting no corners the XLT package is going to include a sunroof. On the wheel you’re gonna have him 3 control settings just like before where you have voice recognition feature where you can answer hang up phone calls adjust volume or the settings of where you’re navigating from over here. Just worth mentioning it also still has navigation. As part of the package.

The XLT package is going to come with this leather seat as well as power see in lumbar adjustment that’s what that circle there is in appears to just the. Leg. Area. And then Brian I just wanted to give you a quick look at this 2014 excel the Highlander we did a really good chance on Saturday to look at it but I think after going over it maybe you’ll notice that it does meet all of your needs in terms of the specifics that we talked about there on Saturday let me know if there’s anything different at all as far as the options that you’re looking for perhaps color anything like that is an option but this is a very beautiful vehicle and it is something we have here for you take advantage of this week.

2012 Hyundai Sonata GLS Review

2012 Hyundai SonataToday Take a quick walk around look It’s Hyundai Sonata 2000 Goldman they phonology unless. To be a quick walk around. Give you a little more information about the vehicle. This pain and Pacific blue pearl mica. As the camel premium cloth seating. This card by 3.4 liter 4 cylinder engine. As a 5 speed shift tronic automatic transmission. Nicholas very well cliff if integration. They don’t have a homely. Let’s take a look at the interior Hyundai Sonata.

Alright so and so we have power windows her marriage partner lots. Driver side 8 way power adjustable seat with adjustable lumbar. Traction control. Ego mood. New HID Hyundai Sonata hybrid headlights. It also included a great trip. Here in the middle of the instrument cluster. See the phone recreation on the steering wheel. Our and it’s not just about some of our quick walk around. If you 0 votes Hyundai sonata. You have any questions or would like to see. Vehicle in person. The dealership whatever from the self staff will be more than happy.

5 most expensive cars of our time.

carThe leading place among the most expensive cars takes Lamborghini Veneno. According to its technical characteristics it is not the most powerful and fastest super-car. The thing is, that these are original and exclusive cars that are not produced in large quantities. For 12 months, the company produces only three such instances, each of them is individual and unique.

Lebanese sports car Lykan Hypersport slightly inferiors for the price with Lamborghini Veneno. For 12 months, the company produces 7 cars.

The most powerful and fastest car in the world, namely the Bugatti Veyron is on honorable third place. This champion is made to order, so the price can vary depending on personal wishes and preferences of the customer.
In fourth place is another car of Italian manufacture Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster. Automatic gearbox, adjustable suspension, optimal weight, carbon-titanium chassis and unusual exhaust system makes such amazing super-car as automotive art object.

British super-car Aston Martin One-77 closes the top of five the most prestigious cars in the world.