5 most expensive cars of our time.

carThe leading place among the most expensive cars takes Lamborghini Veneno. According to its technical characteristics it is not the most powerful and fastest super-car. The thing is, that these are original and exclusive cars that are not produced in large quantities. For 12 months, the company produces only three such instances, each of them is individual and unique.

Lebanese sports car Lykan Hypersport slightly inferiors for the price with Lamborghini Veneno. For 12 months, the company produces 7 cars.

The most powerful and fastest car in the world, namely the Bugatti Veyron is on honorable third place. This champion is made to order, so the price can vary depending on personal wishes and preferences of the customer.
In fourth place is another car of Italian manufacture Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster. Automatic gearbox, adjustable suspension, optimal weight, carbon-titanium chassis and unusual exhaust system makes such amazing super-car as automotive art object.

British super-car Aston Martin One-77 closes the top of five the most prestigious cars in the world.