How to adjust 2005 Nissan Titan headlights

Alright so in this video a quick demonstration on how to adjust your 2005 Nissan Titan headlights. Well mine just turned off. Yes for a while I was driving around. One had like clean up a little bit deeper flashing lights at me. My great signs. I looked up how to fix that and they did so. I do have a different animal show you but it’s really cold outside so I’m in the garage nice and warm and I don’t have. A lot of room here so what I did was a little ghetto. Took a 2 by 4. Drew a line across it. We can see. The Nissan Titan headlights kinda makes a nice line. Of a July across the side that was pointing down more little proper.

2005 Nissan Titan headlightsI know like the one on the left better so I drew that line. And then I went to the right side I just it’s the lines met. I did the same distance apart from the front of the chart to the board to make sure it’s right. Lois slid across the. Is to make sure things properly. That’s one way to do it another way to do it is just like. Like your garage door prior work pretty well it’s just kind of part 10 feet away from guys torturing the lights on. Chat a check over the beam strikes across the. If you’ve got a nice even you need to do this but form points higher than the other or the other way around.

I just seen it would be. Well this article be good to think you watch this is a 2005 Nissan Titan headlights appreciate the same throughout most models. But I look at the right like here. See the screw right here. Which is a I think it’s. the 7 millimeter or you can get the diamond or the star. Starboard registered the. Not long. A long one. They basically turned to the right to just sit ins the left just a. It’s pretty simple nothing more than that though raise and lower the light. Just on the top. Inside under the hood. Sewage wiper fluid bottle is so. Stuff that Pretty easy to get to both. Sides Test it away like it if you are flashing lights at you Brits are non. I need some adjustment or just have some really knowing bright lights. That’s all you have free space watching.