Volkswagen California: features and equipment.

Volkswagen CaliforniaIn the number of Volkswagen vans macro-van Volkswagen California takes a worthy place. This car belongs to the category of “mobile homes” and is intended primarily for long-distance travel and holiday with all family. Thanks to the “California” travel across the country, many fishing and hunting expeditions, visits to concerts and festivals away from home become possible.

As many minivans, Volkswagen California is equipped with powerful diesel engines with volume of 2.4 liters and output of 140 horsepower. Thanks to its innovative design, they are economical and feature by reduced emissions. This car has a ground clearance of 180 mm. Despite its considerable weight, “California” has a rather rapid acceleration. The latest seven-speed transmission has dual-clutch; it is possible to equip the vehicle by all-wheel drive 4MOTION, allowing Volkswagen California to be able to move in the most deplorable roads.